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The Tower 16

The Tower No 16 Another one that looks a bit scary. The visual image of the Tower is of lightning striking a tower with people flying out of the windows to their deaths. The Tower represents our ego and the small windows our narrow view of the world or our situation. When the Tower turns up we are forced to re-evaluate things. There is often something that comes to us as a shock and sometimes it can manifest as a physical accident that causes us to rethink our lifestyle and situation. We may feel that whatever we think about ourselves or our relationship or career seems to suddenly feel like a lie. Change is forced upon us, we have to face things head on and need to rebuild our lives from the ground up. This can be a huge event or even something small like just a bad day of mishaps such as my day today and its only half started. Again I tried to post this before rushing out the door and my laptop crashed. I get where I am going and I can't find a parking spot. I receive a few nasty emails and suddenly my confidence and whole day is ruined - need to start again. Evaluate my part in events (1) and my responsibility for it (6) to find the lesson and to hopefully learn something! (7). When the Tower turns up what appears to be bad luck or misfortune can actually be a blessing in disguise forcing us to face up to things with a new awareness that we can move forward from. You cant block the rest of the world out and not deal with things - eventually your walls will crumble. Keyword upheaval, shock, awareness. Reversed. The situation has been there for a while and a problem could have been avoided with action. Sometimes the misfortune can be of your own doing and can be avoided.

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