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Numbers and The Tarot

Number 0. In Numerology the 0 expands the number of the energy it is with tenfold as all double numbers with 0 are multiples of 10. For example a 20 is a stronger force representation of the number 2 than the 2 alone even though it just reduces to the 2. Having said that the 0 alone is an open vessel receptive to all energies. Being a circle it is continuous and everlasting. The Fool is the first card of the Tarot Deck and is assigned the number of 0. He is open to all experiences and is reading to grow in wisdom. The 0 is like a bucket waiting to be filled and so is the Fool. He has no baggage and is open to life experiences with the spirit of adventure. We see him about to step off a cliff with no awareness of what to come and no fear for the consequences. He has much to learn and much to do and so his adventure begins.

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