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Expression Number 9

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the Expression Number 9. Don’t forget this is a personality or basic nature number and is equal in our makeup to the birth path number. The birth path describes our most comfortable way of being and how we function on a daily basis. This often manifests in our work.

Expression 9

You show great understanding, compassion, love, empathy and tolerance of others. You have an inner desire to help and heal and a very giving, caring nature. You are at your best when you are free to express your emotions. Along with these qualities also comes imagination, artistic and music ability, psychic awareness and ability and an interest in spirituality. Your greatest rewards come from kindness and service to others – easing the suffering of those less fortunate. Often the number nines are great confidants as friends trust you and come to you for help and guidance in a crisis. You are very wise and have an ability to make others feel comfortable. Because you understand people so well you are very good at giving sound advice to others when they are dealing with difficult situations. Because the number nines are very sensitive to the energy of others they often need time out and solitude to gather their thoughts. Their career areas are many and varied depending on the birth path. A birth path of a 3 could manifest as an artist or musician or even an accountant. A birth path of a 7 could be a religious leader or teacher or an actor or writer, a 6 may result in a lawyer, social worker, doctor or educator.

Have a great day. Its Friday yay .. and the long weekend yay! Be kind to each other. There is often pain behind someones words or actions that is not immediately obvious.😊🦉🦉🦉❤️❤️🌻

Expression Number 9

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