Expression 6

Good morning everyone. Today it is the number 6 Expression Number. These lovely people are kind and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Expression 6

You are service oriented and a real humanitarian. You are responsible, reliable, honest, sympathetic and dutiful. Love, family and a happy, harmonious home environment are essential to your inner peace. Understanding, compassionate and caring are your characteristics. Number 6s love peace and harmony and are always looking to help others in practical ways. They love decorating, working in the garden and entertaining at home. Often the 6s have a good eye for art and tend to be generous and kind. They excel in any situation requiring responsibility and trust. They often end up caring for the young or very old in occupations connected with home, community or educational activities. When thinking of these characteristics remember to consider the birth path as this will modify the way this energy expresses.

For example a 6 expression number with a 1 birth path might turn their eye for décor and creating happy space to a home decorating business. If the birth path is a 9 then the spiritual leaning of service could be strong. They may end up working for a charity or enter nursing and medical or some other health related job or alternatively service to the church.

Have a great day. Dont work too hard and be realistic in what you can achieve in a day 😊🙏🦉🦉❤️❤️❤️🌻

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