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Introduction to the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Happy Tuesday. So much better than Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. Today we are back to the cards of the Major Arcana.

The Major Arcana represent forces of fate and destiny. There are 22 in the standard deck of 78 cards so the more of these you have in a spread the more the universe is behind you and supporting your spiritual develop and guiding you in a certain direction. The Major Arcana cards represent a helping hand from the universe and our spiritual lessons.

Just to recap: The first Card is The Fool allocated the number 0. The Fool is like an empty vessel waiting to be filled just like the the number Zero. The Fool is not an idiot he is naive of life's experiences and lessons and embraces the spirit of adventure as he sets off on his journey without fear or a care in the world. He trusts that he will be okay. When he presents you are asked to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk. The time is right.


The next Card is The Magician No 1. He is mastery over the elements and command of the physical world. The Magician as a person is a powerful, resourceful, inventive character. He is charming and charismatic and has the ability to influence others. He is the centre of attention just as the number 1 suggests. When he appears in a spread you may meet someone like this or it may be that you need to develop this self confidence and take charge in some way. Your ideas and plans need to be heard.

The last one we looked at was the High Priestess No 2. She is our subconscious, reflective self. That inner part of us that rules intuition and the balance to all in the physical world. Ruled by the moon she demonstrates potential to be developed and the seeds of intuition that will grow and wisdom from experience as the Fool continues his journey. When she turns up in a spread you need to trust your intuition and there may be something about the situation that is yet to come out or be revealed..

Next Up is the Empress No 3. What do we know about the number 3? Look at the card of the Empress and write down your thoughts. She is ruled by Venus and all the qualities of the number 3. Tomorrow we will look at what this card means in your life.

Have a great day!

Dont forget the best way to learn the meaning of the cards is to select a card each day. Write down what you think this means. At the end of the day reflect on your experiences and see if you can relate them to the card. Then look up a text book meaning of the card you selected and add that to your notes. By doing this you start to form a personal association with the meaning of each card.


Major Arcana Intro

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