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Expression 5

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday! Today we will look at those of us with an Expression Number 5 - the freedom loving, independent spirits.


Freedom and Change are the keywords here. There is a part of your character that has a strong desire for freedom and independence. You are knowledgeable, outgoing, resourceful and open minded. You look to change and adapt and to do away with old outmoded ways and embrace new experiences with new ways to do things. You are a great ideas person with innovative solutions to any difficulty. You have an ability to recreate yourself and a love to travel and new experiences learning as much as you can about the world. You do need to be careful not to spread your energies too much. Routine and order are difficult for you due to your inner restlessness. You are free spirited and adaptable and like it that way

Have a great day. If you have Mondayitis think about your next holiday and adventure 😊🌻🌻🌻❤️❤️🙏

Expression 5

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