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The Empress No 3

Good morning everyone. Today we will look at The Empress. No 3 in the major arcana.

The Empress III

The number 3 here is the indicator of the creative force – the world of nature and sensation., the product of two equal and apposing energies. This card depicts a woman in a beautiful, fertile garden rich with fruits, flowers and crops. Whereas the High Priestess is the virginal aspect of the feminine principle, The Empress is the female aspect of fertility and motherhood. She is the personification of the mother instinct. In many decks she is depicted as pregnant. The Empress is a mother figure. In terms of the Fool’s Journey she is the nurturing warmth of the mother figure as he begins to relate to the world around him.

In a reading this card indicates a pleasant time, a comfortable home, happiness, love, motherhood, marriage and childbirth are all meanings which apply to The Empress. Emotional and physical security is indicated. You or your client has a strong sense of well being, generosity, kindness readiness to help others and enjoyment. The creative energy of the 3 can also relate to manifestation of ideas and productivity and of course the birth of a child is the ultimate creative energy of the earth bound state.

Keywords: security, well-being, motherhood


The reverse aspect of this card often indicates domestic problems. Dissatisfaction with one’s life and lack of material or emotional comfort. Marriage problems and breakdowns in relationships can be signified. As this card is often associated with pregnancy the reverse aspect could imply difficulties with fertility and pregnancy. Physical problems regarding health or well being, poverty and homelessness are all possible interpretations.

Keywords: Insecurity, domestic problems

If you draw the Empress today - your great ideas are coming to fruition. You are productive, capable and caring. As with mothering you will nurture your ideas to completion. On a very human level perhaps today is the day you are focused on your children, parenthood and your role as mum to many.♥️♥️🌻🌻😊🙏 Have a great day

The Empress No 3

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