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Expression Number 7

Good morning everyone. Its the Number 7 expression number.

Expression 7

You are a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. You may be a philosopher, educator, researcher, analyst or finance and accounting. You need to prove things to be true for yourself and have a strong interest in the mysteries of the world. As a child you may have felt different and alone. You live your life according to your own truths not the standards of others. You are very good with detail, research and study. With an enquiring mind you are a good problem solver. No 7s often prefer to work in the background unless they have a strong Birth Path Number which may propel them into the limelight in lecturing or teaching or example. No 7s with the attention to detail have very high standards and are perfectionists.

Have a great day. 🦉🦉🦉🦉🌻❤️🙏

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