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Expression Number 4

Today we are looking at the Expression Number 4. We will get back to the cards in a week or so when I am finished with the expression numbers.

NB If you have a K or a V in your name you dont reduce that when you are adding up each individual name for example. Ks are 11s and Vs are 22s.

If your name is Kerrie Ann Morris

(11+5+9+9+9+5) = 48/12/3 + (1+5+5) = 11/2 + (4+6+9+9+9+1) = 11/2 total: 3+11+11= 25/7

Expression number 7

If the end result is a double number. Dont reduce that. These are the Master Numbers and you will experience and develop both the lower energy vibration (the smaller number) and the spiritual energy of the higher energy vibration (the double number). I will do a separate post on Master Numbers.

Back to our Number 4:

People with this number are dependable, solid, stable and hardworking. They love routine, stability and order. The number fours are naturally honest and straightforward, sincere, patient, determined persevering and loyal. They love system and order. The number 4s are always planning ways to be more systematic, ordered and efficient – looking for practical ways to do things better. They were born to be the dependable and to take on responsibilities. Depending on what your birth path is (even numbers support this expression number) you may find yourself in careers such as engineer, building, electrician, skilled craftsman, builder, technician, scientist, chemist , admin, economist etc. The number fours may not be exciting or have a great sense of humour but they are solid, stable friends and dependable in a crisis.

Have a great day. If you are a number 4 Im sure all is on schedule and that you will have everything sorted and in order by 5 pm today. Enjoy🦉🦉❤️❤️😊🙏

Expression number 4

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