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The 9 of swords

The Nines in The Tarot The nine is the last of the single digits and is the creative product of 3 x 3. The 3 alone is the number of creative expression and when magnified by the power of three it signifies attainment on all levels – material, spiritual and intellectual. It is associated with endings and completions. With the number 3 there is an association with beginnings of creativity. With the 9 it is the end creative product Nine of Swords The creativity and experience of the past has turned the mental facility of this suit to worry and sorrow. The thought processes of stress and anxiety are expanded in the suit of Swords by the number 9. You may have suffered and cannot escape the pain of the past. You will have much anxiety over what others are thinking and doing behind your back. You may not be sleeping well and be suffering nervousness and anxiety, stress and depression. It is important to note that the swords in this card are in her dreams and nightmares – not part of reality but a product of an overactive mind. Dont fear this card. Try to remember the things you are worrying about are not likely to eventuate. Your worries are out of perspective. Keywords: despair, depression, anxiety.

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