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3 Card Simple Tarot Spread

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the simplest spread - the 3 card Past Present and future spread.

I thought we would have a look at a prominent public figure or couple - Harry and Meghan. Let’s have a look at what's going on for them.

We actually did this spread in July but I think its worth revisiting. I am not surprised that they are having a baby so early on. Below is the spread as we looked at it in July.

1. PAST 6 of Swords

2. PRESENT 10 of Cups

3. FUTURE 8 of Wands Reversed

I used a photo of Harry and Meghan to focus my energies on this spread. I shuffled the deck, spread them out face down and selected 3 cards and then turned them up one at a time. This is called doing a Tarot reading remotely as you would if you were doing reading by email or over the phone or skype for example. Obviously I am choosing the cards for them but focusing on them whilst I am shuffling and selecting the cards. This can be a very valid reading but of course face to face is always better.

Now we need to look at the spread overall. What do the colours suggest about the energy around them? What feeling do they give you overall? What elements are present ?– Air – Swords - struggles, adversity, Water – Cups, Emotions, feelings, happiness, Pentacles – Earth – Material security, work, security, Fire – Wands, business, enterprise, action, activity. What is the influence of the numbers of each card?

Position 1 - Look at the 6 of Swords. What does the image say to you? Remember Swords is usually to do with conflicts, difficulty and problems. The 6 is a harmonising influence and calms and settles strife. Think of how this relates to the media coverage of the couple’s past, particularly Meghan’s.

Position 2 -Now look at the 10 of Cups in the Position of the Present. What does the 10 mean? Look at the image. What does it suggest they are focusing on at the moment? Look at the suit. What do Cups relate to?

Position 3 - Now look at the third Card - the 8 of Wands reversed. Firstly look at the meaning of the 8 of Wands as it is. What does the image suggest? Now recall that reversed often means the opposite or delays. What does the suit of Wands relate to? Now what might the reverse mean? See if you can visualise what this might mean for their near future – the next 1 – 3 months.


The Past

Swords is connected with struggle, worries and strife. 6 is the number of home, family and responsibility. The 6 of swords shows that there has been strife and conflict in the past but as a family there is movement into calmer waters and an ability to rise above the conflict with a journey to a more peaceful place. This could relate to the media coverage of Meghan’s past and conflicts with her father and her relationship with her siblings. Perhaps for Harry aspects of Meghan’s past caused conflict and concern within the royal family. It may also relate to Harry’s past with his partying ways that has led to some unfavourable media coverage. In this position in the past it is suggested that relationships between family members in both families are heading to better times. Not completely resolved as the six is a pause in strife but on the way to better times.

The Present

Cups is to do with emotion and feelings The 10 of Cups says it all. Its almost like a fairy-tale romance with happiness and fulfilment all around. This image of this card portrays an idyllic life with the rainbow of cups. They are genuinely happy in their marriage and it this point life just seems perfect. Of course I think starting a family is very much on their minds as the picture depicts the couple with their children. The 10 is a number of abundance so it suggests the desire to expand the family to complete the perfect picture. (We all know Meghan is now pregnant as this card suggested this would be in their plans fairly early on).

The Future

The 8 of Wands reversed

Wands is to do with business, activity and enterprise. It is the element of Fire. The 8s usually mean achievement of goals. In the upright position this is speed and swift change. Reversed means that plans do not go according to expectations. Events happen too quickly for them and they may feel like they are chasing their tails and can’t quite keep up. There is exhaustion and difficulty keeping up with commitments with some things happening in the wrong way at the wrong time which of course the media will pick up and run with. They will be just too busy with have very little time to gather their thoughts or to have time out on their own. This is the immediate future – the next 1 – 3 months time.(or was back in July) They have certainly been extremely busy with many royal commitments and public engagements since their wedding.

There is no right or wrong interpretation of any spread. The above is just my slant on it. I’m sure you have come up with other interpretations or possibilities that I have missed. They are all valid. Feel free to share your perspective.

Have a great day! 🌻🌻🦉🦉♥️🙏

3 card simple tarot spread -

3 card simple spread -

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