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3 Card Simple Tarot Spread - Tom Cruise

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at one more example of the 3 card spread.

We are revisiting the 3 card Simple Spread we did for Tom Cruise back in July. He has kept a low profile since his split from Katie Holmes. This is what I selected for him.

Position 1 – The Past: Queen of Swords

Position 2 – The Present: The Moon

Position 3 – The Future - 9 of Swords

Take a good look at the images of this spread. What is the predominant element? What does this mean? What is your overall feeling about the 3 cards together. Note the colours and the visual images. Are there any Major Arcana cards? What do they mean?

Make a note of your thoughts. Don’t forget the Queen of Swords can be an independent strong woman, or a separated or divorced woman with dark hair and eyes (classic interpretation). The Queen of Swords can also relate to the state of mind of the client or the person having the reading.

The Moon has a lot of meanings but also often crops up with people in the media and how they appears to the outside world. There are hidden factors with the Moon and it also can relate to one's mental and emotional state.

Here is my interpretation of the spread

The Queen of Swords here is a strong independent woman in his past that he is maybe not quite over. In relation to his state of mind I think this means he has enjoyed being independent and single for a while. The Queen of Swords can represent a conscious decision to remain on his own for a while. He may have been a bit distant and reserved with people and tried very hard to keep his personal life – just that – personal. It is an energy of separation and cutting off from feelings.

The Present - The Moon (18): (this was July)

On some level I think Tom is confused and worrying about his future direction. As the Moon is often associated with illusion and public image his actions and who he is seen with may be his desperate attempt to appear, stable, successful and together. He may be acting in many respects for the sake of appearances. Depression and insecurity relating to his future are probably very much on his mind and he may be filled with self doubt or questioning his beliefs. Hidden truths about his own behaviour may come to the surface and he may be able to see patterns in his life and to start to make some sense of it. He will be keen not to repeat patterns of the past. Note this is also a number 9 card – reflection, completions, moving on from the past.

The Future – 9 of Swords (could still relate to the future but also right now as this was done in July)

The Swords do have a rather unfortunate meaning which is expanded here with the 9. Tom’s confidence has been shaken by the past. There is much worrying ahead for Tom in terms of his career and future happiness. He will suffer anxiety over what other people are thinking and on what may be going on behind his back. His need for control over others is a result of his insecurities and worries His own paranoia and anxiety will make the situation much worse than it is. I think he is concerned about his public reputation and very keen to improve his image. He is also worried about the success or lack of success of his future movie projects. I think there is a tough time ahead for Tom although he is an actor after all and will make a huge effort to appear happy and at ease in the media. In his attempt to improve his image and ease his insecurity he may make a rushed commitment to someone in a very public way. Update: there is always talk about Tom’s involvement in Scientology. The latest allegations is that he has been involved in abuse in the Church of Scientology and in administering it. I'm sure this is causing him a lot of worry and anxiety .

This is just my view on what these cards mean for him. Im sure you will come up with a lot of things I havent thought of. Next week we are moving on the 5 card issue spread, Celtic cross and the Horseshoe spread for time events.

Have a great day!🦉🦉♥️🙏🌻

3 Card Simple spread - Tom Cruise -

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