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The 5 card issue spread

Good morning everyone. Just following on from last week its time to look at another spread. The first step in a reading if the client is not asking for anything specific would be to select a few general area cards. Such as one for career, relationships, home and family, friendships, finance for example. I generally start every reading with the Astrological spread as it gives me an overview of all areas of the client’s life. It works well for me as I have spent many years working as an astrologer and so Im very familiar with the houses of the natal chart and their associations. It’s a bit too complicated to cover that one here but worth investigating for yourself. Once you have done a general spread you can then look at specific issues that come up from the initial spread. You can explore these situations with the Issue spread or the Celtic Cross.

The issue spread (which has many other names but is a common one) is great when you are seeking an answer to a specific question. The example we are looking at today is for a lady with the question “ Is it time to move on to a new relationship?”

In this spread a significator was chosen. The lady is a Taurus which is an earth sign so the Queen of Pentacles was chosen to assist me to focus on this lady and what is around her. The card in position 1 is the Justice Card. As a Major Card this tends to indicate that the time is right for a decision to move forward. The universe supports this as fair and just and the right decision. The Death Card in the position of the base of the problem or issue also shows that a previous relationship has ended and that the client has moved on from this. It is an important indicator of being ready to move on from the past.

Position 2: What to do or a suggested course of action is the 2 of Swords. This suggests that there is much to weigh up in a logical way. It could also represent a choice between two.

3. The Knight of Pentacles in the position of What not to do. This may indicate that this lady should not go for the practical down to earth types. Those that appear to be focused in material world or focused on money and security may not be the best match for her. It is suggesting for her not to seek someone of financial security for the sake of financial stability. It may indicate not to go for the slow, steady practical types.

The card in the position of outcome or the direction things are heading is the 2 of Cups. This is of course the romance card and holds the promise of a possible soul mate. At the very least this is favourable to meeting someone who is truly compatible. This is just a quick interpretation. See if you can come up with some other points or additional information.

Have a great day. Tomorrow we are going to look at a timing spread – the 5 or 10 card horseshoe spread.😊🦉🦉🌻🙏♥️

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