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The Celtic Cross - relationship issue

Good morning everyone. Im a bit late this morning. Our sweet little 3 legged cat Cleo decided to sit on my laptop last night and delete my post. There were a lot of ??s $ * etc and 54 pages of returns when I got to it this morning. Guess she didnt think much of what I wrote so I have had to start again. I hope it makes sense.

Following on with this lady’s query. The lady then asked what would happen if she found herself involved with someone she has been getting to know, someone already in her life in a sense. She wanted to know whether it would work out given that the timing spread tended to show it was a little way away. She was unsure whether it was a good idea or not to get involved at this point. The following is a quick interpretation.

Significator: Queen of Pentacles: This lady is a Taurus – practical, cautious, down to earth.

Position 1 – Energy covering her right now: The Ace of Wands. This card has repeated from the last spread and tends to show there is a feeling of a new start around her at the moment. That it is time to make new plans in a general sense.

No 2 – Position of Obstacles: – 7 of Pentacles. This to me means that she feels relationships are hard work (noting pentacles) and that she is not sure if they are worth the effort. The obstacle to developing a new relationship will depend on whether she thinks its worth the effort.

No 3 – Hopes and Fears: – 8 of Pentacles. Shows a slow and steady approach to relationships and a cautious nature where the intent is to build any relationship slowly.

No 5 – The recent Past: - 8 of Cups. This generally can be considered the last 4 to 6 weeks and shows she has left behind the past and potentially is only just free from a previous relationship that was not right or fulfilling.

No 4 – Distant past: 8 of wands. Show that a relationship had ended very swiftly in the end.

No 6 – The near future: The next 4 to 6 weeks has the lovely benefit of the Wheel of Fortune bringing changes for the better. The universe support change in her life and it is another indicator of a new beginning.

No 7: Her attitude in the situation. The Page of Cups here shows the beginnings of feelings towards this person. Pages tend to mean the beginning and in the suit of cups this supports the development of a friendship. This situation will need nurturing.

No 8: Home, family, the attitude of the other person. The Five of Swords. This card is often described as the card of defeat. It tends to indicate there has been much distress in this person’s life and that they fought a battle and lost. A past relationship involved a battle or stressful situation. This lady did tell me that the man she is getting to know is a widow. I suspect that this man’s partner or wife may have died from an illness rather than an accident due to the implication of a battle of some sort.

No 9 – Hopes/fears/suggested course of action: 3 of Swords. It is very clear that this lady does not want any further upset or to upset anyone else or to cause heartache. There is a warning here as this can also be a suggested course of action which may mean that getting involved with someone else may hurt a third party or another person.

No 10 – Outcome: The Page of Pentacles is featured here. Although this is an earth card it shows the beginning of feelings and the early delicate stage of building a relationship.

Note there are a number of 8s in this spread which tends to indicate a degree of a tendency to want to control things. Other than the Wheel of Fortune there are few major arcana cards in this spread which tends to show that this lady is very self determining. It will be largely her choice to allow a relationship to develop. It is fairly evident that any relationship started now will progress slowly and carefully as indicated by all the pentacles in this relationship spread.

Have a great day! 😊🦉🦉♥️🌻🙏

Celtic Cross - relationship spread

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