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King of Swords

The Kings generally represent mature aged men in a reading. They are rational, authoritative figures. They are well respected with a certain presence of character. The kings as with the Queens can represent situations also. If this fits they are the end result of a process, idea, decision or project.

King of Swords – Element Air – rational thought, decisive, outgoing

The King of Swords is an intelligent and powerful man who likes to be in a position of authority. He is independent and cannot handle restrictions of any sort which includes anything from tradition to personal relationships or making allowances for another person’s preferences. He favours all things modern as he has no emotional attachment to the past. He prefers new ideas and innovations, is ambitious, rational and assertive which are great assets in business. He could be a professional in your life or your client’s life who is giving advice in business or legal matters. May be medium to dark hair, intense eyes often light in colour.

As a situation: The King of Swords is the end result of a thought resulting in a decision or a stance on a subject or decision and decisive action.

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