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Inclusion Chart continued

Missing numbers and what they mean - continued:

Today we continue with the influence of missing numbers in your name and how this colours your personality and experiences.

No 4s Work and effort is too much of an effort for these people! Avoidance will not help. Life will cause the individual to work consistently and patiently to achieve results often in a restrictive environment. This may seem difficult and tiresome but the lesson is to build a secure and solid physical world foundation for the future. Get rich quick schemes could be disastrous. Person ill need to develop organisation and self discipline.

No 5s Represents a failure to learn from life experiences. The individual will be tested in life to develop versatility, adaptability and to cope with many changes. Flexibility will be essential. Rigidity will exacerbate difficult circumstances.

No 6s Suggests that the person may have been quite selfish in a previous existence shunning their responsibilities and giving little to others. Life events will see the person experience many obligations and responsibilities in the home, family and community. If this is done willingly and with the good of other in mind the lesson will have been learnt.

No 7s Shows a total lack of spiritual awareness and a neglect for one's own spiritual growth. Again attention to detail may be lacking. Lifetime experiences will cause the individual to think and analyse their experiences and to grow in wisdom and understanding through life's challenges. Isolation and financial difficulty is not uncommon.

No 8s Indicate their has been a lack of balance between the material and the physical plane in life. Efficiency, attention to financial dealings, good judgement and fairness is essential to learn this lesson. Honesty and integrity is extremely important. Power struggles may arise in business and personal situations requiring diplomacy and justice in any decisions made.

No 9s.

A lack of insight into others feelings and emotions and a fear of exhibiting one's emotions. Life experiences will result in many ups and downs emotionally for this person and will force them to come into contact with others less well off. Through this they may learn the lesson of compassion and understanding and to give without expecting anything in return.

Have a great day! 😊🌻🌻❤️🦉🙏

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