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Personal Year 3


Good morning everyone. Today we will have a look at the Personal Year 3. This one is always a very busy time.

PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number

Personal Year 3.

This personal year is all about Self Expression. It highlights creativity (particularly through words) or artistic pursuits. It’s a time to study, learn and to try new things. The personal year 3 is a happy time focussing on friends, socialising and lots of activity. During this time you should aim to develop self confidence and creative self expression in some way. Use your imagination in business. Sharing, socialising and good times are in store. This may manifest in business in an opportunity to teach, train or present your work. Public speaking or writing may be an opportunity for you this year. Communication is key here as you gain confidence in expressing yourself verbally either in writing or verbally. This is a year you may take up a new hobby or interest that requires some study. You will crave new information and knowledge. Short distance travel is also characteristic of a personal year three. You may find yourself running around for friends and family, children and young people in general.

You do need to be careful that you don’t scatter your energies too much which may lead to excessive tiredness..

Have a great day!

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