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Birth Path 4

Today we are focusing on those of us with a birthpath of a 4. Myself being one of them.

Birth Path of a 4

Organised and practical are the keywords here. You will be conscientious, hardworking, disciplined, honest and sincere, dependable, methodical, systematic and orderly. Routine and stability are important to you as is material wealth mainly for security. There is a great love of home and family with this number. You are responsible and others come to you for support. You are not afraid of hard work and will strive for things you need and want. Patience, determination and loyalty feature. Number 4s can be stubborn and set in their ways and like to have their own way. Number 4s don't like change unless they are the one's to instigate it. Sometimes you can get bogged down with the details of a situation and have difficulty seeing the big picture. Number 4s are great at building on success, adding to it and establishing a firm foundation in anything they do..

Famous Number 4s. Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elton John, Marie Curie, Billy Graham, Bryan Adams, Oprah Winfrey, Sir Paul McCartney.

Lets have a look now at the 22/4 This master number is about giving service to others on a large scale. it is the master builder. Architects, engineers or anyone involved in projects on a large scale that benefit many groups of people or the world are typical examples of those with this birth path. If you are a 22/4 - you do everything in a big way assuming leadership and may be a public benefactor, a professor or teacher or making a contribution to the general welfare of others. Those with this number need to guard against self promotion, excess and boastfulness. Richard Branson, Paul McCartney, John Kerry (politician) and Dean Martin have birthpaths of 22/4.

Birth Path 4

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