The Judgement Card 20

The Judgement Card 20 This card often represents renewal, regeneration and awakening. Its not really a new beginning as such but more of an awakening or awareness of something that you have always had and this creates the new beginning. When this card appears you may reflect on the past and assess where you are now. You should be feeling happy about where you are and look forward to a new beginning. This car can also represent renewed health or spiritual wellbeing. Keyword Assessment, positive outcome. Reversed: You may feel unsatisfied with the outcome and feel that it is unfair. You may experience regret or remorse. It is necessary to accept that nothing could have been done to change the outcome and just move forward. Keyword regret, remorse, unsatisfactory outcome. The two here represents the weighing up of the what has gone before and the mental process of coming to a point of balance, acceptance and renewal.

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