The Death Card 13

The Death Card 13/4 This is the third time I have tried to post this and each time it has been lost. I guess the universe has decided I needed to refine what I am saying and how I am saying it! The Death Card really is the most feared card in the deck. It is the card of change and transformation, endings and completions. In Numerology the 13/4 also means radical change. The 1 represents the self (1) which through reasoning process and thoughts (3) leads to a new state of firm foundations and stability (4). For most when the Death Card turns up the person is well aware that something is coming to an end. Sometimes it can signify a physical death or extreme ill health but usually not for the client since it represents how they feel about a particular situation or circumstance. There will be many other indications in a spread and the same message will be said several times in a session and with other cards to support this if this is going to be the case. Only an experienced reader would pick this up and we always need to be careful of what we say and how we say it. Negatively is extremely damaging and self fulfilling. The universe always provides direction for help and support in layouts when the death card means something physical needs to be dealt with with the appearance of the heirophant (counsellor, doctor etc) or the 4 swords - rest, recuperation, hospital treatment etc for example. In any and every case the past is left behind and a new beginning is ahead. The appearance of the Death Card is not a death sentence either. It can be a warning of the need for radical change to deal with a situation. For example an alcoholic needing to make drastic changes in the habits and way of life in order to survive. The death card here says - let the old ways be gone and start afresh. The sunrise in the background shows that a new start is ahead. The child in the scene represents the innocence and unbiased nature of a child' s spirit in relation to the cycle of life of which death is a part. In the reversed position delays, negativity and resistance to change can be indicated. Acceptance of an ending is hard to do but necessary.

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