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Pick a Card a Day

A great way to learn the Tarot and to gain a feel for the meaning of each card is to pick one card from a tarot deck at the beginning of the day each day. Asking "What will my day be like? or "What experiences will I have today?" Write down your thoughts from the images and the number assigned to the card. If its a minor arcana card look at the element it represents - remember wands - action/business, cups - emotion/relationships, swords - decisions, thoughts, pentacles - money/work. At the end of the day reflect on your experiences. What happened? Make a note of this experience next to the card you choose in the morning. Build up a list of the cards and their meaning to you. Take particular note if you tend to pick the same card several times or cards from the same suit. Is the universe telling you there is an issue you need to look more closely at?

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