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The Wheel of Fortune No 10

This card represents the working of fate in our lives. The symbology on the card is complex and you will need to research it as there is just too much information for here. The goddess Fortuna is usually indicated as are the four elements in the representation of animal symbols associated with Astrology and

the Living Creatures of Ezekiel often appear on different versions of this card in various decks. I can say that the number 10 assigned to The Wheel of Fortune reduces back to a 1 meaning new beginnings and a new start in some way. The World card is a chance event or a change for the better brought your way by the universe. This turn for the better is mostly unexpected and out of your hands. Key words Good luck, chance event. Reversed: a period of poor luck, A time when things seem to be going wrong. It may just indicate a pessimistic attitude expecting misfortune and leading to depression. The hidden message is that this is part of a cycle or wheel and that what goes down must rise up again so things will improve. This is a temporary down time. Investigate what you can do to make alternate plans whilst in this situation. Keywords Misfortune, Pessimism. Have a great day.

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