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The Meaning of the Nines in The Tarot

The nine's have messages of the nearing completion and personal reflection of the energy of the suit concerned.The Four Nines of The Minor Arcana represent the final stage of an action, thought or process. It depicts the closing stage of that particular situation, relationship or phase or project.

In the suit of Wands Stand firm. You have done battle and fought hard. You are almost at completion. Success is just around the corner and you have the ability to meet any further challenges head on.

In the suit of cups - This is a good omen for relationships. You are past stagnation. This is a period of health, happiness and fulfilment.

In the suit of swords - your thoughts are intense and you may be carrying ideas or concerns to extreme. the swords in the card are not touching the woman - they are in her dreams and imagination.

In the suit Pentacles . this card means that things are going to become much easier financially. the sacrifices you have made will be rewarded and life will become more comfortable.

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