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Meaning of The Sixes in The Tarot

The six is the number of home and family, responsibility and commitment. In the suit of Cups it represents associations from the past, forgiveness, reconciliation, home, family and relationships with siblings. It is peace from the turmoil or emotions of the past. It can indicate reunion with family members and a healing from family strife.

In the suit of Pentacles. It is respite from struggle. It can mean generosity from someone older or a mentor, financial gifts and generosity.

In the suit of Wands it represents achievement, rewards, recognition and success. It is a temporary pause and rest to reap the rewards of efforts applied so far. Respect and achievement.

Suit of Swords. In the suit of Swords it is respite from struggles. It can mean a journey or travel into calmer waters leaving difficult times behind. In terms of health it is a card of recovery. In relation to mental anguish it indicates improvement in outlook and mood and recovery from depression. For a family it is moving gradually in to better times and moving forward from a troubled past. It is literally a rest from struggles and worries.

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