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The Aces

The Aces in the Tarot are Number 1s - new beginnings, new plans, ideas and originality.

In the Tarot, Wands correlate to the element Fire - initiative, ambition and action. Cups relate to the element Water -emotions and sensitivity, Pentacles relate to the element earth and practical matters of finance and work. Swords relate to the element air - the mental processes of thinking, decision making and logical, intellectual evaluation. Selecting an Ace will indicate a new beginning or new plans in the area of life it relates to. For example the Ace of Pentacles could mean a new job offer, new plans for investment or an offer of financial assistance or reward. Ace of Wands - new business opportunity or a new plan of action or business venture. Ace of Cups - the beginning of feelings for someone or something that has the potential to be very satisfying and to bring you happiness. Ace of Swords - A decision or course of action chosen. This is a mental intellectual decision - a logical plan newly formed. The Tarot is composed of both the Major Arcana (big secrets) or cards representing the forces of fate and destiny and the Minor Arcana (little secrets) relate to everyday matters in the physical world.

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