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The Meaning of The Twos in the Tarot

Meaning of the number 2s in the Tarot. Number two is about negotiation, balance between opposing forces, relationships of all sorts, sensitivity to others, tolerance and cooperation. Selecting the 2 of Wands can relate to business ventures with a partner, cooperation in plans and projects. Two of Cups can often bring romance into your life or highlight a favourable time in relationships in general. The two of Swords is to do with decisions where there are two opposing courses of action. The two in this case can be a bit of an intellectual stalemate as you ponder which way to go. The two of pentacles can literally mean juggling money matters and a division of resources. Using the basic meaning of numbers to interpret the Tarot cards adds depth and saves you a lot of memorisation. Keywords for the suits are:

Wands - Element Fire - initiative, ambition, action, originality. Cups - Element Water - Emotion, sensitivity, feeling Swords - Element Air - Intellect, decisions, mental processes Pentacles - Element Earth - work, money, finance and resources.

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