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Moving from a 9 Personal Year to a 1 Personal Year

"Every end is a new beginning" and "as one door closes, another opens". Both of these are common sayings in life as many of us already sense the cyclical nature of life and that when things come to an end there is always another path or new beginning open to us. Of the personal Numbers the Personal Year Number is the most significant in terms of describing the events that people experience. A nine personal year can be very rewarding if you have worked hard - maybe a major project is finally complete or perhaps you finish a course you have spent many years studying. Often though, the nine personal year can be difficult - people move out of your life, there can be endings and losses and loose ends need to be dealt with, matters resolved and plans completed; all necessary to make way for a new cycle. It can be draining but also cleansing. Many clients come to see me during this major energy shift. They sense the timing of these issues and seek clarification on their next step or the options open to them. There are many other indicators in numerology that tell me what the event or events will actually be but the energy shift from the 9 to the 1 is always felt. The 1 Personal Year brings renewed energy, growth, opportunity and optimism for a new start - often new plans, new faces and friendships. Many people start a new job or business venture in a 1 or take a stand is some way to be more independent and to focus on their personal ambitions and needs. We have looked at the personal year number before but its worth checking where you are: Dont forget its your day + month + the Universal Year number. (for 2018 that is an 11/2). So if your birthday is say 25 April your Personal Year Number from your birthday this year will be 2 + 5 = 7 + 4 (April) + 11 (universal Year) = 22/4. The lower vibration of this is a focus on security, stability and building firm foundations for the future. A year of hard work. The higher energy vibration is 22 which is master spiritual number called the "Master Spiritual Builder" This master number means you will be instrumental in bringing changes to your every day environment which will benefit many. You may put new routines or systems in place at work or make suggestions that benefit many.

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