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Universal Year 2018 = 11/2

2018 is the universal year for all us. This number adds up to 11. We do not reduce the 11 to a 2 as it is a master spiritual number termed "the spiritual light messenger". The 11 is the higher energy vibration of a 2 and means this is a year where many will feel the need to connect to others and to explore metaphysics and other mysteries of the world and to think about and participate in humanitarian causes. The 11 energy also enhances awareness of our own intuition and attracts people to perhaps look at Astrology, Numerology the I Ching or some other tool of intuitive understanding for the first time. The lower vibration of the 11 is the number 2 which also functions to highlight difficulties, conflicts, negotiations and any area of disharmony in our world. When there is balance in relationships or in the world the 2 energy vibrates peace, harmony, compassion and caring for all. When there are imbalances -fighting, war, dispute and discord rule. I think everyone senses that alliances between countries are stretched and that peace is on a tenuous line. Its always been there but is certainly highlighted this year. The key is communication, meetings, discussions, negotiations, acts of friendship and good will and constructive expression. Let's hope there will be more of this in 2019 = 12/3 universal year.

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