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We are who we choose to be

"We are who we choose to be". We can all aim to be the best version of ourselves and to be kind and considerate towards others. This requires being aware of our shortcomings and talents and taking responsibility for our actions. Numerology and the Tarot can show you what your hidden talents and abilities are and what you can do to develop your natural skills and to address the qualities you are lacking by showing you the energies you need to develop this lifetime to be more satisfied and happier. These are your karmic lessons. The Tarot is a great tool for understanding all the factors in any situation or decision and the consequences or possible outcomes of different options.. It can also give you insight into how best to act for your own benefit and the impact of your actions on others. The forces of fate and destiny are shown in the Major Arcana in the events that we feel are outside of our control. The Tarot can help you understand what the universe is trying to teach you through the experiences sent your way - the good, the bad and the ugly. Some experiences may be beautiful, exciting and filled with opportunity for personal development, reward and confidence. Others ; difficult, painful and challenging and although we don't want to hear it at the time there is always something to be learnt from these experiences. Metaphysical tools like Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry etc are all "tools" for insight, understanding and personal growth.

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