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Meaning of the Fives in The Tarot

The fives are about change, adventure, inventiveness and freedom. The 5 upsets the stability of four and brings new imput. In the suit of cups there is something lost in a relationship or association but something left to work on in a different way. Stability and stagnation of the four has been left behind. Change is needed. In the suit of Wands. The creativity of the five brings competitiveness, arguments and disagreements in the suit of wands as strong personalities clash. In the suit of swords disagreements and arguments are likely also but the ruthlessness of the swords will result in a pointless battle. Even if you win you lose. No one has the upper hand here and any victory is a shallow one at this point. In the suit of pentacles the stability of the four is disrupted with a feeling on loss, poverty and struggle financially. Emotionally it can feel like you are out in the cold. It is a time of loneliness and unfulfilled needs to some - even poverty. The characters in the card are outside a church where help could be found. Change is coming. Things will improve. This is a low point. The fives are about struggle with change but moving on to a different future will always feature.

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