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Meaning of The Aces in Tarot

The Aces are the number 1s of the Minor Arcana. Number 1 means new beginnings, originality, initiative, drive, confidence. Now we need to relate this to the suits. Wands is Fire, Pentacles Earth, Cups Water and Swords air. Ace of Wands - new business plans, new ideas and new projects. Ace of Pentacles - the practical physical world. Maybe a payout of some sort or a new job or financial venture. It will involve new plans for material gain and security. Ace of Cups. Cups equates to emotion and feeling - so it follows the Ace is the beginning of a feeling. It could relate to a relationship or it could be affection or any emotional attachment. The Swords relate to ideas, decisions, plans and logical thought processes. This could be the beginning of a plan of some sort or a decision in the making. Have a great day. Think about new beginnings. Its the perfect time with the New Year.

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