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Meaning of The Threes in Tarot

The number 3 is all about self expression, creativity, the product of creativity, communication and the hum of activity and an initial outcome of some plans. Depending on the suit this can be a very positive or happy time or the product of the past could be difficult. In the suit of Wands it could mean initial success from previous hard work, communication, trade and forward moving plans. In the suit swords however the product of conflicting thoughts and adversity seen in the 2 can result in conflicts, arguments, sorrow and heartache. Sometimes this is a card of betrayal and relationship difficulties. This one is a little difficult to relate to the 3 but could also literally mean a third party causes upheaval in relationships where there was previous stability. Being the swords its the mental anguish and harsh reality that is emphasised. The 3 of Cups on the other hand is a celebration. 3 is social. So a family celebration could be in store or good news and good times with friends could come about. Success, abundance and joy. This is a card of happiness. The 3 of Pentacles denotes initial success of some business venture or project. There is a material manifestation with this card. It may mean a building project or initial success with some the plans related to material gain, work or some other project.

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