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Meaning of the Sevens in The Tarot

Number 7 in the suits.

7 is the number of seeking, thinking, searching for truth. It involves reaching within oneself to seek improvement, wisdom and knowledge.

In the suits the 7 brings insight through knowledge.

7 of wands – Wands is “firey” and assertive. The 7 in Wands depicts victory despite adversity. It shows an ability to rise above the challenges despite how things may appear. Determination and courage will see success.

7 in the suit of Cups – Cups is all about feelings and emotions. The 7 in this suit brings choices, fantasy about options and many temptations that you feel could bring you happiness. The 7 disrupts the harmony of the six and gives you options and choices. There are many things in life that can bring you happiness. The 7 causes us to evaluate the options before us or presents something new to consider.

7 in the Suit Swords. In this suit someone may be behaving with less than ethical intentions. Deception, ulterior motives etc can feature. In relation to work your may be being assessed and watched. Your conduct will be scrutinized very closely. In relation to finances this is not a good time to take out loans or sign contracts as all may not be what it appears. Don’ t compromise your integrity in any way. In relation to health – seek a second opinion. You require more information and it is possible that all options have not been presented yet. Be watchful of the intentions of others to deceive you or take from you in some way.

7 In the suit of Pentacles

Pentacles is all about work and productiveness and material wealth. The 7 is a pause to assess how you are going. To look at what you have achieved and to re-evaluate your next step. A degree of success has been achieved and it is time to evaluate your next direction. It is also a time of realisation that where you are now is of your own making – good or bad. It is your free will at this point. Which way to go is the question. Continue on as you are or seek some other avenue of fulfilment.

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