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The Hierophant No 5 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Today we are up to number 5 in the Major Arcana - The Hierophant. In the Fool’s spiritual journey he begins to change with the influence of his environment and the social system around him. The Hierophant V As the Fool ventures out to the wider world he encounters the beliefs and traditions of the culture around him. It is the beginning of his education. The number 5 is about change, progress and advancement. Originally, in medieval times this card signified religious guidance from priests or ministers. Now it also relates to a variety of other authority figures that we may turn to for professional advice such as doctors, solicitors, accountants, lawyers or teachers.

When the Hierophant appears in a spread it means that you or your client are seeking advice or need to seek the expertise of a specialist of some sort with a particular issue on your mind. Occasionally it can mean that you are the one giving the advice or you may be involved in an educational institution in a position as a teacher or student. Put it out there that you need guidance or help with your problem or issue and you will attract the right person to you. Be open and listen because they have something to say that you need to hear. Have a great day. Be wise and hear the message.

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