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10 of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles Ten is the base of our number system and 10 reduces back to 1. Ten can therefore represent the start of a new phase with the strength of the zero behind it. In some respects it is the overdo of the energy of the suit it is in. The number 10 can also signify groups of people.

Ten of Pentacles In the suit of Pentacles the group usually indicated is family. This card stands for family support either emotional or financial. It is also reflects the influence of our background and upbringing on our present attitudes, values, behaviour and way of life. Sometimes this is a card connected with inheritance. Even in the best of circumstances generosity from inheritance can trigger family discussions and disagreements. So there can be a warning here even in the upright position that you may have some dealings with family members who all of a sudden want to be part of the family again.

Keywords: family support, friends, inheritance.

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