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3 of Swords

The Three of Swords The threes in general relate to the concept of creation. It symbolises the product of the union of opposites. Also the 3 can represent a link between two forces. It is also the number of divinity and is often associated with fate. The 3 expands the energy of the suit it is in. In the suit of Swords The suit of swords is associated with conflict, power, ambition and difficulties. The creativity and growth associated with a number 3 can mean aggression, strive, destruction and expansion of the conflict in this case. The three of swords therefore signifies painful and difficult experiences particularly sorrow or something coming to an end or being destroyed. This card may indicate distressing changes, deceptions or conflict. These changes and difficult circumstances will make way for a new and better future but the process is likely to be painful. Keywords: sorrow, heartbreak, deception in romance, strife

3 of Swords -creative expansion in the difficult suit of stress and strife

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