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8 of Wands

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the 8 of Wands The Eight in the Tarot The number eight contains the stability and material security of the 4 together with the balance and movement of the 2. Eight is the number of financial and material success, justice and rewards for past efforts. The meaning therefore is about firmer foundations and moving forward or progressing where there is personal growth and more success. Don’t forget Wands is the element FIRE – action, initiative, confidence so together with the power of the 8 it tends to propel plans forward.

The Eight of Wands The energy and initiative of the element of fire in Wands combined with the success, justice and progress of the 8 means that there is rapid progress towards a successful conclusion . The 8 wands flying through the air in this card suggest speed and action. This card can literally mean flight/travel but also in general an end to delays and hold ups in plans. There will be much excitement and activity and what has been planned and hoped for is now within reach. Keywords: rapid activity, prompt completion, swift advancement. Have a great day!

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