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7 of Cups

Good morning everyone. Today we are up to the 7 of Cups. This is a card of choices for happiness in life remember CUPS is all about love, emotion and fulfilment.

The 7 is often considered a magical number and is associated with wisdom, supernatural powers. The 7 is an analytical number. An energy of searching for truth, perfection and detail. The 7 is a number of options and instability following the rest of the six. The Seven of Cups The imaginative and psychic power of the number 7 when applied to the suit of cups results in imagination, psychic powers and influences of the subconscious. In this card you are looking at options, ideas and fantasies relating to dreams and wishes. It may be necessary to make some choices between options by weighing up what is worthwhile or has potential.

I often find this to be a positive card and it turns up when my client is looking for something or someone that will enrich their life. Sometimes it turns up just before the client meets a new partner. It is a good sign that the right one is yet to come. If it relates to work it is saying that the right job is ahead of you. The opportunity you are seeking is on its way into your life. There are many things that can bring happiness in our lives. This card is about the choices and options we have to find that happiness. This card says to me – the best is yet to come. The covered glowing figure in amongst the other options representeed in the image of this card shows that special person, situation or thing you desire is yet to be revealed. Stay positive. Choices, options for happiness, fantasy and imagination. Have a great day!

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