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Page of Pentacles

Pages in the Suits of The Minor Arcana The Pages have several meanings. They are also sometimes called Princesses in some decks. If a Page comes up in a reading it may represent a child of either sex or a young woman or a situation. All of the Pages represent the initial stage of any project or action.

Page of Pentacles Element of Earth – work, money, security

As a child: This page could also be a practical, hardworking young person, maybe a student or a young apprentice or a child who loves to build and play in the earth. He or she is sensitive, loyal and caring but reserved or shy. They will be organised, careful and methodical, responsible and reliable. Generally people represented in the suit of pentacles have dark features.

As a situation: The Page of Pentacles is all about learning new skills. It may involve study but more than likely these are practical skills to be applied in the work place. It can also be associated with developing craftsmanship and the detail required in very fine work such as carpentry or building.

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