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Page of Swords

Pages in the Suits of The Minor Arcana If a Page comes up in a reading it may represent a child of either sex or a young woman or a situation. All of the Pages represent the initial stage of any project or action.

Page of Swords (Element of Air – thoughts, decisions, struggles) Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius When the Page of swords appears this young person will be intelligent, cautious, discreet and discriminating and has an ability to get to the bottom of problems. Presenting as a child he or she is thoughtful, reserved, interested in how things work and may have an interest in science and technology. The Page of Swords characters make sound and responsible decisions after weighing up all the options but may not be very trusting of others. Their eyes are often striking and hair usually dark.

As a situation: The situation requires you to be alert, think clearly and logically when making decisions. Start at the beginning of the problem and proceed carefully. When the Page of Swords turns up it suggests now is the time to put a plan in to action. Take the next step. Work out your timing and all the factors that may help or hinder you achieving your goal. If you are dealing with a problem try to look at the logical pathways and what the steps are to resolve the issue. Weigh up all the options before taking any action.

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