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King of Cups

The Kings generally represent mature aged men in a reading. They are rational, authoritative figures. They are well respected with a certain presence of character. The kings as with the Queens can represent situations also. If this fits they are the end result of a process, idea, decision or project.

King of Cups – Element Water This king is usually cultured and sophisticated, intelligent and well educated. He is often a professional person such as a doctor, solicitor or business colleague who likes to keep his personal feelings in check so he may appear somewhat cool and aloof to others. He is honest and caring but may be difficult to understand and to get to know. He is supportive to those he loves but slow to demonstrate affection and slow to trust. Typically fair to medium hair colour and light eyes.

As a situation it is the fully expressed emotional state regarding a particular person or situation. The end process of experience that results in feelings or emotions.

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