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The Page of Wands

Pages in the Suits of The Minor Arcana The Pages have several meanings. They are also sometimes called Princesses in some decks. If a Page comes up in a reading it may represent a child of either sex or a young woman or a situation. All of the Pages represent the initial stage of any project or action. As a general rule if my intuition is not yelling at me as to which way to interpret this I tend to start with interpreting it as a situation. As the discussion progresses I often find it relates to both and there is a person who fits the character in the situation. Page of Wands (Element of Fire) To me this Page is a very energetic child, full of excitement, loyal and fun loving. This person will be smart and funny and loves to have a chat. The Page of Wands is often the messenger bringing good news and new opportunities. This child or young person may have reddish or blond hair, fair skin and light eyes. As a situation: The page seems to suggest the starting of some new activity or project with great enthusiasm, energy and resourcefulness. New opportunities and good news follow this page. If this is the card you draw for the day then there will probably be some good news coming your way regarding your plans or a project.

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