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9 of Cups

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. Today we are looking at the Nine of Cups – one of the most positive cards in the deck. It is the wish fulfilment card. Whatever you hold dearest to your heart, whatever you desire the most is yours for the taking. It holds the reward for past effort with the number 9 and the creative influence in the emotionally based element of CUPS.

This is the card of happiness and satisfaction.

Nine of Cups

The achievement and continued creative expression of the number nine results in contentment, generosity, happiness and a sense of well being. You wish to share your joy with others. An optimistic and caring attitude, love, friendship, comfort and good company are all indicated. There is much to enjoy with family and friends. Keywords Happiness, optimism, hospitality.

It is important to note that this sense of happiness and contentment promised with this card is a result of your own actions and efforts. It is satisfaction, comfort, contentment and abundance is on its way or has just arrived. It is a state of awareness that dawns on you and makes you realise you are almost at the end of your goal and that life is looking pretty good.

Have a great day! 🦉🌻❤️❤️🙏

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