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The Five of Cups

The Fives in the Tarot

The stability of the number four is disrupted by adding one to it. Five is the number of change, movement, instability and struggle. The meanings of the fives often relates to struggle, conflict, disappointment and problems in general.

Five of Cups -remember cup is water – emotion, feelings, relationships

The disruptive influence of the five together with the emotion of the cups leads to feelings of partial loss and disappointment. You may be dwelling on what has been lost in a situation instead of what remains that is valuable and good. You may be miserable and depressed and feeling that things are worse than they actually are. The 5 of Cups often turns up in situations of separation in relationships. It is not an indicator that it is over but it is a sign that there needs to be changes – like the nature of the 5. In most decks there are 3 cups that are knocked over and 2 remaining standing but the figure is facing only those that are knocked over. It can show that there has been a great loss in a relationship but that there may be something worthwhile that can be salvaged from the situation. There is something left to work on. It is not an easy card and can relate to not just close personal partnership relationships but also to friendships or any other close tie to another. Effort, willingness and change is required to improve the situation

Keywords; partial loss, disappointment, separation.

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