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The Sun Card No 19 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Today we are embracing the lovely positivity and charm of The Sun Card No 19 in the Major Arcana

The Sun Card No 19/10/1

This is another beautiful card full of positivity, light and optimism. The child represents joy and adventure;the horse progress towards goals. The sun is literally the source of all life. Just as the Moon represents the feminine principle, the Sun represents the masculine principle. When the Sun Card appears success, joy and personal achievement is indicated as well as optimism, ambition and energy. You are on the right track. The 19 reduces to 1 which is very fitting for this card as being centred and confident in yourself (1) is essential to success. The 1 is also associated with ambition, new beginnings, creativity and originality. A sense of fun and excitement goes along with the process of reaching your goals and success. Sometimes in my experience this card turns up when a person asks a question about children in their future when they have had difficulties. I guess their sense of optimism and determination allows this card to present as the hope and promise for the child in the future and it demonstrates the universe supporting this hope..

Keywords: Success, optimism and high ideals.

If you draw the Sun today you are at the beginning of something which will bring you joy and happiness and your inner creativity will show in some project you are doing during the day. This is a chance to really shine in your individuality. You feel like you are at the centre of attention or you receive recognition of some sort. It is a happy day for you where you feel confident and accomplished. Have a great day!😊🌻🌻🌻🙏♥️

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