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The Star No 18 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Today we are moving on to one of the most positive cards in the deck - The Star No 17

The woman in this card is associated with Ishtar the star goddess who ventured into the underworld to get the water of life to restore her dead lover. When this card appears in a reading is signifies peace, rest and tranquillity and hope and bright prospects for the future. Problems will be resolved, healing will take place either physically or spiritually and you will feel inspired, refreshed and blessed after a time of hardship and struggle. It is the number 8 so the universe support you to achieve your goals and ambitions and the laws of karma are at work. This is a positive outcome card for any situation and shows that the universe is supporting you and that you have every reason to be positive and optimistic. Good things are in store for you.

Keywords hope, peace, healing.

Often when the Star appears there are other positive signs from the universe present with it. 17 reduces to the number 8 and in general means that by focusing on what is around you (1) leads to better spiritual health and awareness (7) resulting in a better balance in life and rewards for hard efforts (8).

If you draw the Start today – it is a good day. You may get a lucky break or things just seem to go according to plan. Maybe something you have been waiting for a long time will seem to materialise out of the blue. Have a great day! 🦉🦉😊🌻🌻♥️🙏

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