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The Strength Card No 8

Good morning everyone. Today we are moving on to The Strength Card No 8 in the Major Arcana. Some Tarot Decks swap the order of The Justice Card No 11 and The Strength Card but I feel that number 8 really suits in position in the Rider Waite deck.

The strength card is also known as Fortitude or Force. This card is about moral strength and determination as the woman is seen to easily tames the lion in this image but it is more by persuasion than physical strength. The lion can represent powerful emotions in us which can be creative and positive. It also shows an ability and inner strength to deal with difficult challenges promising a positive outcome with the right attitude and proper self control. The number 8 is fitting here as the number of power, resourcefulness and responsibility bringing rewards through effort and determination. The Fool at this point is encouraged to develop courage and resolve to keep going despite any setbacks and to develop the qualities of patience and tolerance. So he learns that there are other ways of a softer more loving approach that lead to success not just through brute force and determination

Keywords: moral strength, self control.

If your draw strength today then a calmer, more thought out approach is required to deal with a difficult situation or difficult people rather than direct or aggressive confrontation. More can be gained with diplomacy and a logical, softer approach.

Have a great day ✊🦉🦉🙏♥️

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