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Basic Meaning of Numbers

I thought I would go back to basics and work on the essential meaning of numbers. The meaning of these numbers applies throughout Numerology to every type of personal numbers such as Birth Path, Expression Number, Ultimate Goal, Motivating force, inclusion chart etc so its worth getting to know them. Their meaning is modified depending on what number it applies to. For example a Birth Path of a 1 would mean that the person is likely to show great confidence and leadership in the work environment. If the Expression Number was a 1 then the power of the one applies to all areas and in general to their personality type and is not necessarily limited to their work or everyday activities. If the Ultimate Goal number was a 1 then confidence, independence and originality is something they would learn to develop as they get older and would be more fully expressed say after age 50.


No 1: Leadership, originality, initiative, new beginnings, confidence, assertiveness. Number 1 is all about you.

No 2: Others, partnerships, balance, harmony, negotiation, relationships, patience, compromise, diplomacy.

No 3: Creative self expression, speaking, teaching, acting, public speaking, art, literature, young people, thought processes, pleasure, friendships, socialising

No 4: Co-operation, responsibility, security, practicality, work, discipline, planning, saving, routine and order..

Tomorrow we will look at the numbers 5 – 9.

Have a great day! 🌹😊🦉❤️🙏

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