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Inclusion Chart - Intensity of Numbers

Good morning everyone today we are continuing working on The Inclusion chart. This is the frequency of numbers in your name and how this colour your personality and lessons in life. Missing numbers are karmic lessons - energies that you have not handled well in previous existences and energies that you need to understand and master this lifetime.

The Inclusion chart also shows a balanced energy for each letter and an overbalanced or excess value. The excesses of particular energies also describe unique problems or talents of their own which need to be handled wisely. Each number has a balanced expression which is not exactly the same for each one. For example 2 - 3 1s is considered a normal or healthy value in terms of confidence and self esteem. 4 or 5 fives is also considered balanced as ability to adapt to one's environment is essential to survivial. More on this tomorrow:

Just to recap the value of the letters in your name:









9 IR

Have a go at working yours out.

Just to recap missing letter karmic lessons - a few keywords:

No 1s - poor self esteem particularly when young. Need to individualise and develop confidence

No 2s - difficulty with balance, compromise and harmony in relationships

No 3s - difficulty with self expression and communication

No 4s - difficulty with routine, discipline and difficulty achieving security

No 5s - difficulty with adapting to change

No 6s - difficulty accepting responsibility and need to think of the welfare of others.

No 7s - difficulty with detail and learning from experience. Need for spiritual direction

No 8s - need for balance in financial matters. Difficulty in applying oneself to achieve goals

No 9s - lack of insight and compassion. Need to learn selfless giving.

Dont forget we are meant to have these challenges in order to grow spiritually and to develop strength of character. They are not failings but merely pathways to development and enlightenment.

Tomorrow we will look at excesses of specific numbers. Have a great day


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