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Tarot Card Reading - General Rules

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. Today we are starting on some general rules to keep in mind when doing a reading. There are 9 points I consider important that will help you in reading the cards for someone else and even just for yourself.


1. Selecting the Cards

Ask the client to shuffle the cards. I usually spread the whole deck out in a row and ask them to select the cards with their left hand from the row. Many consultants select the cards for the client after they have shuffled them. I believe the most accurate way to assist the client is to let them pick the cards and if possible place them in the spread. The left hand is controlled by the right side of the brain which is less consciously influenced by logic and reason and is more intuitive and artistic. Also the client selects the cards from their perspective so if you are placing them in the spread to interpret them, then you need to turn them round the other way, that is reverse their orientation so that you are reading them as they were facing the client.

A great deal of information about your client's personality can be gained from how the they select the cards.

If they select them quickly without delay they are a “no nonsense” type who wants action and seeks specific answers of a practical nature. They are eager to hear what you have to say.

If the person is shaky or does not understand your instructions despite taking plenty of time to explain what they need to do, this may be a sign of a deeply distressed person, someone with many anxieties or a confused state of mind. In the case of people of other nationalities ensure that they are understanding what you are saying. They may require a friend or family member to interpret for them.

If a person is cautious when selecting the cards and contemplative they are seekers and deep thinkers who generally have more faith in the Tarot than those who select the cards without hesitation. Either way makes no difference to the quality of the reading.

You may note also that clients who select the cards closest to them (i.e. the centre of the row) are “middle of the road” types who want the usual things out of life. People who reach for cards are more likely to go out on a limb in general in life and are more likely to be risk takers, strivers who put in great effort and want to succeed in life. There is nothing wrong with picking up this information in this way. It all helps you to tune into the client to give the best possible reading for them.

Tomorrow - No 2.

Have a great day and take care. 😊🙏🙏🦉❤️

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